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September 2004 : Dear Visitors, there are no updates very often because of the fact that i'm just a student... I did this website in order to enjoy myself and every persons interested in the Simpsons and South Park. Hoping you will understand.... Bye

February 2003 : Here is the new English version of Coolpark. Now, I can say WELCOME to the english speaking visitors.

August 2002 : Many new pictures in the following galleries : Bart ; Stan ; Kyle ; and Diverse South Park. I have had no many mails than I hoped in my Guest Book,so I can say that my site is perfect with its extraordinary number of things on it. Thank you.
July 2002 : First, I inform you that some new pics are wainting for you in the South Park part. Then, the little problem which was in the Simpsons gallerys is right now. So, you can go to visit them. If there will be another problem, let me a mail in the Guest Book. Thanks.

June 2002 :Dear visitors, the number of visitors and free time heightening, I decided to update Coolpark to improve your surfing and your comfortability on the website !!! I hope that will please you ...

PS : Don't forget to let me your suggestions or opinions in my Guest Book.

March 2002 : I have no time to update the site because I'm a student, and I have other priorities.

January 2002 : Big update for Coolpark : new presentation, and new pictures on the South Park part.

November 2001 : New pictures on the Simpsons part, but no much more visiteurs to look at them...

Last Update 16/02/03

October 2001 : Here is my new nice site : Coolpark.free.fr. I say welcome to the visitors !!! I invite you to discover all the pictures' gallerys that I have found for you.

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